Windows 11 cheat sheet: All you need to know

Microsoft announced its new operating system Windows 11 on June 24, 2021, almost six years after Windows 10 was launched. Windows 11 will include several new features and updates. These include a simplified design that increases productivity and creativity, easier ways to connect with people, faster PC gaming experiences, quicker ways to get the information you need, a new Microsoft Store, and an open ecosystem that opens up new opportunities for developers, and other creators.

This Microsoft Windows 11 cheat sheet explains the main features of the operating system, lists the system requirements, and explains how to obtain them. Download the PDF version of this guide for windows 11 Cheat Sheet. This Windows 11 guide will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

What is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest major operating system release and the successor of Windows 10. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest major release of its operating system and the successor to Windows 10. It features a simplified interface that encourages productivity and creativity.

Windows 11 is now available

Microsoft Windows 11 was released as a general release on October 5, 2021. If it is October 5, or later, and your computer meets the requirements (including installation of Windows 10 1909or later), you can upgrade to Windows 11 using the Update & Security settings screen.

To bypass the Windows 10 Security & Update screen, users can use the Windows 11 Install Assistant to directly upgrade to Windows 11.

Windows 11 Pre-release Updates

A preview of Windows 11 was made available to members on the Windows Insider beta channel. Before that date, only members of Dev Channel had access to preview versions of Windows 11. To install Windows 11 Version 22000.100 and higher on a valid Windows 10 computer, activate Windows Insider Beta Channel in Windows 10’s Update & Security Settings screen. Next, click the Check for Updates button.

What are the new features in Windows 11?

Windows 11’s new Start button is centered on the cloud and Microsoft 365 to display recent files regardless of device or platform they were viewed on, even an Android or iOS device.

Snap Layouts will be added to Microsoft Windows 11 along with Snap Groups, Snap Groups, and Desktops. According to Microsoft’s press release, these features allow users to multitask while staying on top of their tasks. These Windows 11 features allow users to organize their windows and maximize screen real estate for a cleaner layout. You can create and customize different Desktops for each aspect of your life, such as one for work and another for personal use.

Windows 11 For Gamers

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 “unlocks your system’s full potential, putting some the most recent gaming technology to use for you,” says Microsoft. DirectX 12 Ultimate will be available in Windows 11. This allows for immersive graphics at a high frame rate; DirectStorage to speed up load times and create more detailed worlds, and Auto HDR to provide a wider range of vivid colors. Microsoft Windows 11 will continue to support the most popular PC peripherals and accessories.

Windows 11’s Widgets now offer a personalized feed that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Edge. Now, instead of checking the news, weather, or notifications on a smartphone, users can open their Windows 11 desktop and see a similar curated view. Widgets give publishers and creators new options to create personalized content within Windows 11.

Microsoft Store will undergo a major overhaul. Users will now have one location to download and store apps and content. Microsoft claims that the Store has been rebuilt to speed up and features a beautiful, simple design. We will bring you more apps than ever before and make all content, including apps, games, shows, and movies, easier to find and discover through curated stories. The Microsoft Store will soon have the top first- and second-party apps like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, and Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Zoom.

Windows 11 will soon have Android apps for Windows. The Microsoft Store, in partnership with Intel and Amazon, will enable users to find Android apps that can be downloaded through the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft will allow independent software vendors and developers to bring their apps to the Microsoft Store regardless of what framework they use to create them.

What should developers know about Windows 11?

Windows 11 includes the new HTMLWABuilder3 so that developers can create a web application in just minutes. Windows 11 includes WebView2, which makes it easier for developers to use its web platform to create hybrid web apps. Windows 11 includes the new Microsoft Edge DevTools, which allows you to still use Windows Terminal and other offerings like Windows Terminal.

The Windows App SDK, previously known as Project Reunion, will allow developers to reach more users than one billion on Windows 10. Windows App SDK 1.0 will be available later in the year.

With the new ARM64 Emulation Compatible API, developers can create apps that run natively under Windows. The ARM64EC allows native ARM code and emulated x64 code to be combined in one processor module. Developers can optimize apps for Windows on ARM, even if they have x64 dependencies and load x64 plugins that they don’t control.

WinUI3 is a Windows 11 tool that allows developers to rejuvenate their app designs. It offers UI updates like rounded geometry and refreshed iconography. Windows 11’s Snap layouts feature will allow for maximum productivity.

Reunion Windowing is a tool that allows developers to manage and create app windows. This feature can be used with existing app codes and simplifies common operations. It also brings new functionality to desktop applications like Light-Dismiss Behavior and Picture-In-Picture mode. You can also customize the title bar.

Microsoft has made major changes to its Microsoft Store. Microsoft also plans to increase economic opportunities for developers and creators. Microsoft will allow independent software vendors and developers to bring their apps, regardless of whether they are built as a Win32 app, Progressive Web App, Universal Windows App, or another app framework. This will enable developers to reach a wider audience and engage them.

Microsoft also announced that the revenue share policies would be changing. App developers will now be able to bring their commerce into Microsoft Store. Microsoft takes no revenue. Microsoft Commerce is still available to developers with a competitive revenue share of 85/15.

What are the system requirements to run Windows 11?

  • Processor 1 gigahertz(GHz) or faster using two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor, or System on a Chip [SoC]
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64 GB or larger storage device
  • System firmware, Secure Boot capable
  • Graphics card Compatible With DirectX 12 and later, or with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: High Definition (720p), display larger than 9 inches diagonally, 8 bits per channel
  • Internet connection: Windows 11 home edition requires internet connectivity. To complete the device setup, you will need a Microsoft account. To switch a Windows 11 Home device to S mode, you will need internet connectivity.

What are the feature-specific requirements of Windows 11?

Windows 11 has some features that require additional requirements than those already listed. These are the requirements for Microsoft’s key features.

  • 5G Support: Requires a 5G-capable Modem.
  • Auto HDR Requires an HDR Monitor
  • BitLocker To Go: You will need a USB flash drive (available for Windows Pro and higher editions).
  • Client HyperV: Requires an Intel processor with second-level address translation (SLAT), capabilities (available in Windows Pro or higher editions).
  • CortanaRequires both a microphone or speaker. It is available on Windows 11 in Australia, Brazil, and Canada for Australia, Brazil, and China.
  • DirectStorage Requires an NVMe SATA SSD to store and play games that use the Standard NVM Express Controller driver and a DirectX12 graphics card with Shader Model 6.0 support.
  • DirectX12 Ultimate: Compatible with supported games, graphics chips
  • Presence. Requires an electronic device that can detect human proximity to the device or intent to interact.
  • Intelligent video Conferencing: Requires a video camera, microphone, and speaker (audio output).
  • Multiple Voice Assistant Requires a microphone & speaker
  • Snap: Three-column layouts require a screen with 1920 pixels of effective pixels or more.
  • Mute/Unmute Taskbar: Requires a video camera, microphone, and speaker (audio output). To enable global mute/unmute, the app must be compatible with this feature.
  • Spatial sound: Requires support hardware and software
  • Teams: Requires a video camera, microphone, and speaker (audio output).
  • Touch: You will need a monitor or screen that supports multi-touch.
  • Two-factor authentication This requires a PIN, biometric (fingerprint scanner or illuminated infrared cam), or a device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Voice Typing You will need a computer with a microphone.
  • Wake up Voice: requires a modern standby power model, microphone, and keyboard.
  • Wi-Fi 6E: This requires new WLAN IHV hardware, driver, and Wi-Fi6E capable router/AP.
  • Windows Hello: This requires a camera that can take near-infrared (IR), images or a fingerprint reader to perform biometric authentication. Windows Hello can be used on devices without biometric sensors by using a portable Microsoft compatible security key or PIN.
  • Windows Projection: You will need a display adapter to support Windows Display Driver Model 2.0 (WDDM), and a Wi-Fi connector that supports Wi-Fi Direct.

Windows 11 will be available when and where can I find it?

Windows 11 will be made available to eligible Windows 10 PCs as well as new PCs beginning October 5, 2021. The PC Health Check app can be used to determine if your Windows 10 PC qualifies for the free upgrade. Microsoft stated that it is working with its retailer’s partners to ensure that Windows 10 PCs purchased today are eligible for the upgrade to Windows 11.