Why Ottoman Beds Are Great For Storage?

Many times, the space in today’s homes is limited by recent downsizing. Storage space can be constrained, leaving homeowners and apartment dwellers looking for creative ways to store linens and other items when there isn’t enough space. Ottoman beds are a great option for those who want to maximize living space and reduce clutter.

We have some information about ottoman beds, the types of ottoman frames available, and the benefits that can be derived from replacing traditional bed frames with an ottoman bed.

Ottoman Furniture

It is interesting to note that the term ottoman was first popularized in Europe during the second half of the 18 th Century, when the Ottoman Empire introduced this type of furniture. The first mentions of ottomane (Fr. In the early 1700’s, some of the first references to ottomane (Fr.) appeared. The original ottoman furniture was first used in Europe. It was laid around three walls in a room. The family used ottomans as their main seating and were piled high with cushions.

The ottoman was eventually made smaller to fit into the corner of the room. The ottoman has seen many changes over the years. It was popularized in clubs, where it became hinged to store underneath. There are many ottoman styles available today, from ottoman chairs and ottoman beds to foot rests. The one thing that modern ottomans share is their storage space.

Ottoman Frames of Today

An ottoman can be purchased today with different names. While the most common term for an ottoman frame is ‘divan, it can also be used to refer to an ottoman’s ottoman frame. What is even more confusing is the fact that an ottoman and a sofa need not have storage underneath. Instead, the term “divan” or “ossobel” refers to the structure of the furniture. It is important to first understand the structure of the frame before we can discuss the storage options underneath a divan, or ottoman.

Although storage is the most common use of the space under the couch, footstool, or chair, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at an ottoman bed to see how it is made. The frame of the bed allows for the mattress to rest on a platform. The storage space beneath the mattress can be seen when the mattress is lifted. This space can be used for storage, but not always. An ottoman is made of the frame upon which the mattress is placed.

There are two main types of ottoman framing systems. Both depend on the presence of springs at one side. The springs contract as the platform is lifted. This makes it easier to lift the mattress and platform. They can be tension springs or hydraulic, but they all serve the same purpose: to make lifting heavy mattresses much easier. It’s not difficult to see how heavy mattresses can be, particularly with thick pillow tops.

Not all Ottoman Platforms can be Raised

Although the idea of making an ottoman platform that can be raised is one of the most basic concepts, not all ottoman platforms should be raised. Some ottoman beds can be opened to reveal the storage space underneath, which is possible with drawers or cabinets. The frame is constructed in a similar way to support a heavy mattress. However, instead of lifting the platform, drawers or cabinets can be opened to reveal the storage area.

Sometimes, only one ottoman bed side has storage space. Other times, multiple ottoman beds sides have drawers or cabinets. Because of its narrower dimensions, a twin or single bed usually only has access to one side of the storage area. As a rule, larger beds will have more drawers. When measuring the space available for a bed, many people make the mistake of focusing on the size of the mattress. This is a big mistake, as even a few centimeters on each side can cause problems, especially if the mattress is placed close to an entrance.

Measurement of Your Ottoman Bed Room

Before you decide whether you need a raised platform or one that has drawers around its bottom, measure your room. It doesn’t matter if you have an ottoman bed frame made specifically for you, or if you buy a pre-made one, it is important to know the sizes of mattresses that you are allowed to use. You should not depend on the size and shape of the ottoman frame, as you might end up with a bed that is too small for the space.

Before you can choose the right ottoman bed frame, you need to consider standard mattress sizes. These are the standard sizes for mattresses in the UK or Ireland:

  • Small Single or Cot – 75 cmx190 cm
  • Twin/Single – 90cm x 190cm
  • Three-quarter / Small double – 120 cmx190 cm
  • Full / Double – 135cm x 190cm
  • King – 150 cm by 200 cm
  • Super King – 180 cm x 200 cm

These are the standard sizes of mattresses that are sold in the UK or Ireland. They can be used to purchase appropriate sized frames and linens. You can find companies that make custom ottoman frames to meet your needs. However, if you need a mattress made to any other size than the standard UK sizes, you will need to order linens that are specifically tailored to your requirements.

Standard Size Ottoman beds for extra storage

You now have an idea about standard-sized mattresses. Let’s talk about standard-sized ottoman beds. These beds would be made to the highest standards, based on research. The ottoman frame will also be measured to ensure a perfect fit for your mattress. These measurements are the norm for high-quality mattress manufacturers. Here’s a quick guide to the most common sizes and the storage capacity in cubic feet you can expect.

These are the most popular dimensions for ottomans made by trusted manufacturers. They can be adjusted to fit your needs and accommodate storage. These dimensions allow you to easily order linens and mattresses that are appropriate for your ottoman bed frame. Although bespoke sizes are possible, many people don’t have enough money to purchase custom-sized ottomans, mattresses, or bedding.

Standard Ottoman Beds Vs. Bespoke Ottomans

You might want to mention that custom Ottoman bed frame by Hugo & Sons and mattresses made to unusual sizes can cost more than you expected. You will need to purchase special-sized ottoman frames, drawers, and/or cabinets. The mattress could also be quite expensive. Be aware of the quality of your bespoke mattress.

You may not get the sleep you need if you don’t choose a mattress that has been developed using years of research and sleep studies. The mattress you buy is only as good or better than the company that made it. You may get a mattress with inferior quality, despite being made to specific dimensions.

As mentioned above, when ordering a custom-sized ottoman or mattress for an ottoman you will need to consider the linens that you will use. Because of the many sizes available, it is rare for companies to make odd-sized bed linens. Some mattresses are made to be extra large to allow for more movement and comfort, while others are longer to accommodate taller people. The cost of special-crafted linens can be high and can quickly add up. For the best sleep and savings, it is best to stick with standard-sized ottoman beds whenever possible.

Ottoman Bed Storage frames

There are many ottoman bed storage frames available on the market. When looking for the right style, it is important to consider the structural integrity. It is important to look at the manufacturer. Name brands are more expensive than generic brands but the durability of a name-brand is what you should aim for.

Major brands offer gas-powered ‘lifting’ that reduces the load when you need access to storage. The actual structure will only be constructed from materials that are strong enough to withstand the weight and amount of use. Will you be able to reach the storage area under your bed frequently? You won’t be able to afford a low-quality ottoman frame. This is a fact. Look for seasonal discounts, coupon codes, and financing if cost is a concern. This will help you to reduce capital expenditures.

Contemporary Terminology: Divan vs Ottoman Bed Storage

All things considered, even though we often use the terms ottoman and divan interchangeably, there is actually a vast difference in their contemporary usage. While both an ottoman and a divan offer additional storage, which is useful when needed, they are constructed in different ways in modern terminology.

An ottoman will have a platform that can be lifted to reach the contents beneath the mattress. A divan may have cabinets and drawers. European divan bed frames have drawers that are designed to allow for night stands and provide easy access to the contents below. Ottomans are popular because they will not cause any problems. Everything below is exposed by lifting the bed from the feet upwards.

Another feature to consider is the size of the mattress. There will be different compartment sizes depending on what size bed you buy. A single bed will typically have one compartment below the platform, while a double or king-sized bed might have several. It is obvious that it is important to be able to access the entire length of the bed in larger sizes. Without lifting the storage area, it would be nearly impossible to reach the interior.

Each of these compartments are considered part of the platform’s structural integrity. To support a wider mattress and bed, the interior sections must be supported so that the compartments can become part of the support system. High quality mattresses are often made with stronger interior support systems. They are also more heavy. To increase the structural strength of the platform support structure, it would be natural to use an additional lengthwise compartment. This is why gas powered hinges are so important for ottomans this large.

An ottoman can be considered a divan, but it is a special type that provides a greater storage capacity than drawers and cabinets. Gas powered hydraulics make it easy to access all the storage compartments. Simply push down lightly to release the hold and the bed will slide into place.

What to Look for in Ottoman Bed Storage

Your first priority should be to increase storage space, especially in small rooms that have limited closet space or wall space for chests and drawers. This can also make it difficult to find enough space for an ottoman. Before you proceed, measure the distance between any obstructions such as doors and heating vents or radiators.

Remember that the mattress’s size is not what you see. The ottoman frame must be within the limits you have established. Some ottoman bed frames extend beyond the mattress by a few centimetres, while others are almost flush with the mattress’ edge. The platform may have a small ledge that holds the mattress in place. This could limit the size restrictions you need.

The ottoman platform’s strength and durability is another consideration. Although major manufacturers might charge more for their products, the quality and durability of their products will be higher. Don’t let the price deter you. The quality of the frame and mattress will impact the wear and tear they can withstand and the quality of the rest you get in a well-made bed. High-quality mattresses are heavier because they have more springs and may contain more gel.

Ottoman bed storage works well in today’s decor, as modern homes and apartments are becoming smaller because of space constraints within cities and larger metropolitan areas. This is sometimes called ‘downsizing’, but it actually makes better use of land. While the UK’s population is increasing, it has limited borders. It is important to maximize both interior and exterior space. Ottoman bed storage is a great way to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you need extra space or because ottoman beds are in fashion, it is important to carefully consider all factors when selecting the size and type of bed before buying. A word of caution. Stick with the standard sizes if you can. Standard sizes will make it easier to find linens that will fit your mattress. Also, you will have an easier time replacing your mattress if you need them.

Remember that the old saying “You get what you pay for” is still relevant when it comes to ottoman bed storage. Quality is more important than price so make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Although there is always an option to lower initial costs, there are not many ways to make up for sleep loss or beds that are rapidly deteriorating. A structurally sound ottoman is the key to a good night’s rest.