Whiskey Glasses – Are Whisky Glasses Dishwasher Safe? Pros and Cons

Whiskey glasses are important when it comes to enjoying great tasting whiskey. We’ve had hype, famous whiskers disappoint us, and we watched ho-hum bourbon come sputtering to life thanks to the wrong glass in which they’re served. So, just what are the top whiskey glasses you could get?

One thing about Scotch that always impresses me is the way it comes across the table. When you sit at a bar with a nice tall, glass-topped BlackTail NYC bottle coolers, the liquid slides down into it and stays there, as it should. Regular glass won’t do this, and that’s the key to enjoying the drink to its fullest, as well as staying within the correct pour. We all know that a big mess can be made by trying to pour a drink in a dirty glass, so why would you want to do it with Scotch?

You see, not all whiskies are created equal. Many of them have a wider mouthed shape, which allows them to hold more liquid, which means less effort is required to sip them. For example, Glencairn whiskey glasses are traditionally quite tall. This means that the liquid will pool right around the rim of the cup. It also means that any spills are more easily obscured. Not everyone enjoys drinking from a sloppy cup, so this is something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Another pro for these glasses is that you simply can’t go wrong with them. If you know you’re going to be ordering a glass for yourself or a few friends, then you already know the type of glass you want. The same cannot be said, however, for a large group of whiskey lovers. For them, the choice comes down to a single shaped glass or two different styles, one plain and one with a fancy garnish. Whichever style you prefer, you won’t be disappointed by what the pros have to offer.

Some whiskey glasses come in two different styles, the round and square. The round glasses are often preferred because they allow the drinker to choose what kind of liquid they would like to drink. They are more common than the square, but some whiskey connoisseurs still favor the square. In fact, some of them prefer them because the traditional lead-free crystal that comes with them does not tarnish as easily over time. Plus, they are easier to use since the base is smaller and typically requires only one finger to fill.

If you want to have the best tasting whiskey, you might consider getting hand blown whiskey glasses. These are much larger and are often designed to look just like an antique glassware item. Hand blown glasses allow you to pour the whiskey evenly so that every sip is distinct and delicious. The larger size also allows for better circulation of the alcohol, thus increasing the drink’s aroma.

If you want something smaller and lighter, you might want to try a snifter or tumbler. A snifter is made up of two glasses that fit together and are then held by their own little hinge. This allows them to be smaller than most whiskey glasses while still allowing for a good nosing. The tumbler, on the other hand, is much wider. With a tumbler, the liquid spills into the mouth a lot faster since there’s no way for it to trickle out from the sides, like it can with a snifter.

There are, however, some cons to both of these styles of whiskey glasses. For example, they can be quite heavy, especially if they are the type with the lead-free crystal. Many people also find them difficult to clean, which is why many restaurants and hotels will make do with dishwasher-safe versions. Ultimately, this comes down to your preferences and what you think looks best.