What happens if my spouse hides income to avoid child support?

You should contact a skilled, experienced divorce lawyer immediately if you suspect your ex-spouse is hiding their true income in a New Jersey divorce. These professionals can help you obtain the child support you need to provide for your children and can hold your spouse responsible for their actions.

How can spouses hide their income?

In an attempt to avoid child support, spouses may try to conceal their income in many different ways. Cash is one of the easiest ways to hide your income. It can appear that a spouse earns very little on paper if they get paid in cash. This could even give the impression that the spouse is totally unemployed. A spouse might end up paying less child support than they would normally be required to.

For spouses earning significant wages at large companies, it is difficult to get paid in cash. This is especially true if the spouses hold important roles within these companies. It is possible to manipulate incomes other than by manipulating wages. It is common for spouses not to receive promotions during a divorce. They might also delay bonuses.

This is easier when spouses are close to their employers. They may be supportive of them during divorce proceedings, or they might try to hide their income.

What happens if the spouse is self-employed. They may try to hide their income by deducting expenses not related to business. They can keep their money in the company and not have to pay child support. A spouse may try to avoid child support payments by not seeking a job or remaining unemployed.

The Solution

What can you do if your spouse hides income to avoid paying child support? Another option is to have your spouse’s income “imputed”. This is when a judge assigns a certain amount of income that is reasonable based on the facts. This is simply the amount that a spouse should earn based on all of the factors. It doesn’t matter how much they try to hide their income, if a spouse’s income has been imputed it will not matter what. Whatever happens, they will have to pay a set amount.

Your spouse could face serious consequences if they conceal their assets. This is technically illegal. If they hide their income for a prolonged period, they may be required to make retroactive child support payments. Interest charges up to 10% could result.

Get the help of a qualified attorney

You should not lose heart even though your spouse might be hiding or manipulating their income through all manner of means. You can resolve this issue quickly with the assistance of an experienced family law firm surrey.