“Bodyguards aren’t only for the wealthy and famous, but they’re not cheap!”

How much does it cost to employ a bodyguard?

We are frequently asked what a Bodyguard costs by our customers and members of the public who are inquisitive as to whether or not they could afford what their favorite celebrity pays for security. In truth, there is no simple answer because this service is not priced on a “one-size-fits-all” basis, but rather on the unique circumstances of each individual who need tight protection. Indeed, there are a few factors to consider when requesting an estimate that will influence the ultimate cost of a Bodyguard.

What factors contribute to the expense of a bodyguard?

Profile of client

Clients in close protection come from many walks of life and require security for a variety of reasons. The cost of a Bodyguard is heavily influenced by the principal’s status, including their media visibility, income, and potential engagement in politically sensitive activity.

High-net-worth individuals may be concerned about kidnapping and hire a Bodyguard to protect them and accompany them everywhere they go.

Celebrities, dignitaries, and politicians, on the other hand, are in more risk since they are always in the public view on social media and in the tabloids, making it more difficult for them to keep their locations hidden, as we discussed in our previous article: Your ego, security, and social media Bodyguards, residential security, and a social media monitoring agency are frequently used in their security arrangements.

Stalkers and fanatical followers are a real cause of anxiety for celebrities who are constantly in the limelight, and there are unfortunately many Celebrity Stalking Cases that create precedent. As a result, 24-hour tight security is frequently regarded required, requiring the deployment of at least two Bodyguards, which can cost up to £3000 per day on average. Whether they are at home, on tour, on vacation, or invited to a red-carpet event, they will be accompanied by bodyguards at all times. The amount of threat they encounter will be evaluated on a regular basis, which means price may change and security detail may be raised to match the threat level.

Let’s examine at two famous personalities that frequently make the news to get a price range for celebrity Bodyguard services based on real-life incidents. After being robbed in Paris, Kim Kardashian has invested around $7 million each year on security. Whereas Jay-Z is said to have spent an extra $4 million in the past to beef up security for his wife, Beyonce, by hiring five more personal security guards to join her current five-man squad after an enthusiastic fan yanked her off the stage during a concert in Brazil a few years ago.

In contrast, the security details of someone in the anonymous world who wants to hire a Bodyguard for a limited period of time will be more low-key, resulting in a reduced cost.

Examining the principal’s profile will aid in determining the current danger level and in developing and pricing a security strategy.

The service’s location(s)

The cost of a Bodyguard is determined by the place where close protection is necessary. Different nations present various dangers, which will be assessed at various levels. As a result, the higher the danger, the higher the expense; providing security in France, for example, will necessitate a different security strategy than in India, where the cost of hiring a bodyguard in places like Mumbai is higher.

The price, on the other hand, will be influenced by the environment in which tight protection will be supplied. Close protection in a city will be different from close protection in a rural setting. Petty crime and stabbing will be prevalent in an urban setting. If the principle is in a distant area far from hospitals, services like police stations and key infrastructure like water and food supplies will be scarce, necessitating the need of a medically qualified Bodyguard and security chauffeur.

When requested to offer an estimate for a certain nation, another aspect that may vary and effect the price is the terrorist danger and status in that country.

Unarmed and Armed Security

Certain customers may request armed security, however this is not always practicable due to the laws of the nation in question. If you were to hire armed bodyguards in the UK or use armed protection in France, for example, various criteria would apply.

Armed close protection would necessitate the licensing of firearm-trained operatives and the authorization of the firm by the local government authority in charge of regulating armed security activity. This might cost twice as much as standard close protection since the security company must deal with a lot of paperwork and administration.

Service timeframe

The length of the service will be another factor in the price. Because many parts are organized at short notice, the cost of a Bodyguard on an ad-hoc basis tends to be more than a long-term service, and like any other fixed-term employment contract, Bodyguards will be paid more than if they were engaged full-time because their work is more insecure.


One thing to bear in mind is that employing a Bodyguard or a group of Bodyguards may incur costs. Taxis, motels, meals, and flights are all possible expenses, although they will certainly vary depending on your needs.

It is very unusual for expenditures to surpass the real cost of any day rate when close protection is used. Once the specifics have been agreed upon, we recommend discussing expenditures at the commencement of every arrangement.

Bodyguards’ Caliber

For a limited clientele, experienced bodyguards with specialized training may be required. Former intelligence or special forces operators, as well as multilingual Bodyguards, are in short supply and hence more expensive than other experienced Bodyguards with less specialized expertise.

Depending on the customer, location, length, kind of protection supplied, and level of the necessary Bodyguard, the cost of a Bodyguard can range from £500 to £1500 for one Bodyguard.

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