Warning Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Many people smoke marijuana every day without any obvious health problems. However, some become addicted and suffer severe consequences for their relationships and health. According to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are approximately 2 million people who use marijuana every year. It is crucial that we address this problem as soon as possible. These are the signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction. Here’s what you can do if your friend is showing these symptoms.

The most popular drug in America is marijuana. It is also one of the most frequently abused drugs. Consistent abuse of marijuana can lead to addiction. Abuse symptoms include “distorted perceptions”, impaired coordination, difficulty problem solving and thinking, and ongoing problems learning and memory.

Similar to other drugs like heroin, marijuana can be smoked with homemade pipes or cigarettes. Marijuana smoke has a distinctive and pungent odor, which is often sweet-and-sour. But smoking marijuana isn’t the only way people can inhale it. You can make tea with the drug, or bake brownies or buy weed online cookies with it. The primary age group for marijuana use is eighteen- to twenty-five years olds. This makes it especially important to know about the side effects of marijuana use.

Pot smoke can cause bloodshots, just like all other smoke. Loss of sleep from drug abuse can also cause bloodshot eyes. This side effect is one of the most common and easiest to identify. Due to the fact that marijuana can make you feel very relaxed, sleepiness could also be an effect.

You can almost be sure that the officer will check your pupils for dilation if you are pulled over at night. Another sign of drug abuse is dilation of the pupils. The smell of your car and breath is another sign that the officer will likely check. Like all smoke, marijuana sticks to clothing, hair, and upholstery.

They will often look for signs of marijuana, such as pipes and cigarette papers.

Short term memory loss from marijuana can cause users and abusers of the drug to lose their motivation in school and at work. Consistent use of marijuana can cause similar problems to tobacco smokers. If marijuana addicts are dependent on the drug, they can suffer from chronic cough, lung cancer, or other respiratory issues. Marijuana addiction is a serious medical issue. Drug abuse is also a serious problem. Help is available for anyone who may be suffering from a dependence on marijuana. It might save someone’s life.