Tips For Better Gameplay For Rise of Kingdoms

It’s something we all have experienced: Hard work, hours spent trying to build our army, improve our buildings, and secure the empire, only to be suddenly demolished by an even stronger alliance. On closer inspection, however, you realize that they are not only more powerful than you, but also have access to things that you won’t be able get if you don’t pay real money. This can be quite frustrating, for obvious reasons. Not only will you be destroyed by someone who preys upon the weak but also by people who are willing to pay money for the privilege of playing the game.

Many players consider Rise of Kingdoms purely a pay-to-win because they can buy all kinds of benefits. You can get everything you need to build your empire, as well as speedups to help you develop your base quickly, and keys that unlock some of most powerful commanders in the game. There are many advantages when it comes to Rise of Kingdoms’ payment system. Some players might find this a bit unfair.

These boons don’t necessarily mean you can’t thrive as a free-to play user. The vast majority of players in these games do not pay anything and are able to play just fine. However, these games require a lot of knowledge and cunning in order to survive without having to open your wallet or pay for benefits.

This guide will share some tips and tricks to help you progress in Rise of Kingdoms as an free-to-play player.

Start Strong

As we have said many times, the first few days of any war game are crucial because you will be doing the bulk of your research, construction, and troop training. You will also be provided with a peace shield, which can last from 24 hours up to several days and protects you against spying and attack attempts. The shield will last for a while, but you’ll still be able to do all of your initial setup.

These are just the beginning benefits. You can also get many other boons if you’re on the right server.

Rise of Kingdoms allows you to enjoy many benefits. You can gain a headstart in power and increase your building and resource-gathering speed. There are also more time to catch up with events and other useful boons. Jumping is the act of actively searching for these Kingdoms and teleporting there to reap all of these benefits. It’s a process veterans use to speed up their development of their empires.

We won’t get into the details about how to jump well, as that would be too much of a topic. All you need to know is this method works. Not only will you reap the benefits of starting on a new server, but you’ll also likely have a better power advantage over players who are just beginning to play the game.

Jumping to new Kingdoms allows weaker alliances to gain a foothold in areas that are populated mainly by newbies. This allows them to build their power and establish dominance. You can only jump to other Kingdoms if you use the Beginner’s Teleport Item. This item is available for 10 days and is automatically removed once your reach City Hall Level 8.

Best Starting Civilizations

The choice of civilization for Rise of Kingdoms has many benefits. The starting hero is crucial in choosing the right civilisation, at least from beginning.

Although the civilization bonuses are very important, they will not be available until you are much further into the game. Your starting Commander will make a huge difference as their skills will enable you to move much faster in certain cases. Britain’s Boudica, for example, is a great option for beginners. She has an advantage over Barbarians which will make it easier to deal with the pesky enemies on the world map. Rome’s Scipio Africanus, a tank that thrives with armies that have mixed units compositions, is an excellent aid to players who enjoy PvP.

This means that, even though each civilization offers its own passive bonuses you should pay more attention the starting Commanders they offer as these will be more helpful in the beginning.

Building, tech, and upgrading tips

We mentioned that Rise of Kingdoms whales have many benefits that could allow them to significantly accelerate their empire’s development. We f2p users have very limited resources and gems so we must be careful if we want to compete with the whales.

Your City Hall will always be your first priority when it comes to building an empire in Rise of Kingdoms. This structure can be upgraded to unlock more research trees in Academy. It also unlocks higher levels of troops that are much stronger than those at lower tiers. Your City Hall should be improved, so all your speedups are worth it. The Academy should also focus its research on technology that will reduce the time it takes to build and research. This will be a long-term investment.

You should ignore all other things and only focus on building and upgrading the necessary prerequisites to upgrade your City Hall. This includes ignoring your resource buildings and watchtowers. These upgrades should not be possible unless you have the resources to do so.

You should increase your VIP level when it comes to investing gems. Once you reach VIP level 7, you will have permanent access the second group of builders. This will give you the ability to work on multiple buildings and upgrades at once. This upgrade will make a significant contribution to the development and growth of your town.

It’s easy to start and advance in Rise of Kingdoms as a free-to play user. With the right information, however, you can make the best decisions to allow you and your friend to progress quickly in the game. You will also be able to defend yourself from enemy attacks as you build your town.