iPhone Apps for Easier Life 2021

Your phone can do almost anything these days. From boosting your dating prospects through dating app to searching for recipes. The App Store has the largest selection of apps available for iPhone and iPad users. It covers a wide range of popular categories.

There are so many apps out there, how do you know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top iOS apps, regardless of whether you’re new or looking to expand your iOS game collection beyond the best iPhone gaming. We’ve also created a guide of the top Android apps for Android users on Venostech.com.



Microsoft’s mobile companion app allows you to control the Xbox One from your smartphone. This makes it possible to use your phone to play media and type messages. The app allows you to keep in touch with your friends, see their activities, and even check out what’s new.


Although the PlayStation app does not allow you to control your console as well as the Xbox One app it acts as a link back into your gaming universe while you are out and about. This app allows you to view trophies and compose messages. You can also manage your PS5’s storage, if you have run out, while downloading. While some games offer second-screen functionality, the majority of this app is a management tool.


Twitch is the place to see other people playing video games, professional tournaments or just relax with real-life boardgames. Although it may sound like the app version to being younger siblings, once you start, you’ll find it addictive and maddeningly addictive. The Twitch app is compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay, so you can chat with other streamers, view previously recorded videos and interact with them.

Strafe Esports

Strafe Esports is a great place to stay up-to-date with all the latest news from your favorite esports. It provides news from a range of games, such as League of Legends and Hearthstone. You can even gamify your esports experience by using a betting system that compares your predictions to other players. This is a great download if you are a fan of esports or just curious.

Going Out


Automatic navigation apps for smartphones make it easier to get around. It’s still not easy to share one location. Although you can send a link to a particular spot on Google Maps using a hyperlink, it is not the best option. What3Words solves this problem by adding additional names to maps. Each 10-foot square on the globe has been given a unique, three-word name. You can enter these three words into What3Words to see exactly where you need it. This app is worth downloading, just in case.


Are you looking for somewhere to eat? You are just curious about the area? Yelp’s massive database includes over 199,000,000 businesses from all around the globe, making it one the best places to find out where to go, no matter where you are. The app allows you to make reservations and order takeout, as well as find local contractors. You can also check out what’s happening in your area.


TripAdvisor is a great app to download, no matter where you are going. TripAdvisor has more than 700 million reviews from users all over the globe about the best restaurants, attractions, and other services. The app allows you to book certain places and even allow you to pay with it.


StubHub allows you to buy and sell tickets directly from the app, regardless of whether they are for a concert or a sports event. You can even do it up to the day it takes place. StubHub also allows you to pick your favorite sports teams or bands, so you can get event recommendations that are right for you.

Open Table

Open Table allows you to plan dinner quickly and easily. Open Table is a free app that allows you to find new restaurants, view menus and reserve a table.

Google Maps

You’re not likely to have used any other mapping app than Google Maps in years. Google Maps is the most popular mapping app. It’s reliable, up-to-date and free. This app is more than a map. It can also provide real-time information on traffic conditions, public transit information, and other useful information. You can write and read reviews about restaurants and businesses, mark your favorites, view a timeline of your activities, and share your trip with friends.

Health & fitness


Calm is a great meditation app, but it doesn’t just focus on meditation. Calm’s meditation guides are great and include a guide for getting started. However, there is also a section called Sleep Stories that features a variety of voices and celebrities who read bedtime stories. Love Bridgerton Calm’s Sleep Stories has Rege-Jean Page joining the cast. You can also listen to stories by Mary Berry and Matthew McConaughey. Most of the features Calm offers are available for a monthly subscription.

Ringify Competition

You need a little motivation to keep going with your exercise program? Ringify is a great way to show that you’re not the only one. Ringify allows you to connect with colleagues, friends, or random people to form a team. You’ll then be able see how your performance compares to other members of the team. The app cannot be used to manually enter exercises. It must also be connected to your Apple Health data so that it can pull from there. This prevents cheating but also means that it is only available to iPhone users. It will not be accessible to Android friends.


MySwimPro is a great option for anyone who has been inspired by the Olympic Games to learn or improve their swimming skills. You can choose between a $20 monthly subscription or a free tier. The subscription includes a personal trainer, technique videos, personalized workouts, stroke data, and access to the daily tutorials. The free tier offers access to more personal, but still valuable training plans for water and dry land. You can track your swimming sessions right down to the meter with the app that syncs up with Apple and Garmin devices.


Are you unable to sleep? Many people suffer from insomnia. Loona is worth a look. Loona is a mood-altering app, not your typical sleep app. Loona is not just a bedtime app that plays lullabies, but it also aims to balance your mood throughout the day. This will keep anxiety down, and help you sleep better at night. The Sleepscapes will help you fall asleep in deep sleep with their immersive stories and playlists. Loona Plus subscriptions unlock all Sleepscapes and cost $10 per month or $40 for a one-year commitment.

30 Day Fitness (subscription).

It can be difficult to commit to fitness. Setting a short-term goal is a great way to ensure you keep to a schedule. 30 Day Fitness is easy to understand and includes hundreds of exercises along with video instructions. You can also view your personal workout history to see how far you have come. Access to the rest of the week is $5 per week.

7 – seven minute work out

What time do you need for your fitness journey? You can take as long as you like, but it should not exceed 7 minutes. Seven-minute Workout: This 7-minute workout focuses on delivering maximum benefit in 7 minutes. It consists of a series quick exercises that target specific areas. You don’t need any equipment, and you have enough space to start. You don’t need any equipment to use the 7 Club. However, joining for $10 per month or $60 per year will allow you to access a wider variety of exercises, personal workout plans and guidance from a certified personal coach.


A way to track your progress when lifting heavy objects and putting them down again is a must if you are a strong training enthusiast. GymBook is a great tool for weightlifters. You can search for exercises by muscle group and it also has guidance GIFs that will help you with 50 pre-set exercises.


Apple Music is the default music app for iPhones and iPads. It has its own subscription and many to recommend. If Apple’s default music app is not appealing to you, there are many other options.


Spotify is revolutionizing the music industry. Spotify is free for PCs and tablets. However, you will need to pay $10 per month if your iPhone is not compatible. It is worth the investment. You can listen to complete albums or create playlists.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers 70 million songs to subscribers and is a great alternative to Apple Music or Spotify. Amazon Prime subscribers can sign up for the music service for free, but there are complicated subscription tiers. This tier does not include all songs in the catalog, so if you are having trouble finding the right tier, this could be the reason.


SoundCloud is a popular audio player, which has been embraced by podcasters, musicians, and talk show hosts. You can access your favorites, playlists and the most popular audio and share with friends.


GarageBand is great, but you might be searching for an alternative. BandLab is the app you should download if GarageBand is not your favorite or you just want to have fun with another music-making app. You can record, edit, and remix multiple tracks. It also lets you add beats, loops and other effects. You can share your creations easily with friends, as there are options for almost every genre.


Apple News, the default news app on iOS, is a great news app. It’s not the only app that offers news, there are many other options available if you need something more specific or at a slower pace.

Google News

It doesn’t matter if you are switching from Android to iPhone or have been an iPhone-faithful since a while, the fact that Google News is the best news app around doesn’t change. Google News draws from news sources around the globe and is one of the best ways you can stay up-to-date on the most important matters.


Are you tired of reading the same old editorials in newspapers? Medium gives you the chance to give your opinion on current news and events, by allowing anyone to join the conversation. Medium has 170 million readers and is a great place for people who are open to sharing their views and writings. To see all of it, you’ll need to subscribe for $5 per month.

The New York Times

It is one of the most respected newspapers in the world, and you can access it on your iPhone using the official New York Times app. You can save articles to your phone for offline access and get more news than the standard breaking news.

CNBC: Stock Market & Business

It doesn’t matter if it’s $AMC or $GME or BTC; the stock market and all its moving parts have captured the attention of the public in ways that are rare. CNBC’s app can help you keep a close eye on market movements. You can get breaking news alerts and market data as well as podcasts, live TV, or live TV.


Although we live in an age of constant news, we don’t have to follow the tide if we don’t want to. Tortoise is a specialist in slow, deep dives into news topics that try to uncover all the facts and present them to you. Tortoise will not let you react in a hurry. Instead, he will help you to have a balanced and considered view of the world. Forget the news alerts, and relax with long-read investigations or one of Tortoise’s live editorial ThinkIn events. You’ll pay $10 per month for the next 30 days.