6 Best White Trim & Door Paint Colors

If you have wood trim and baseboards, you’ve probably considered painting them white to give them a fresh look. What are the best white paint colors for trim and doors, you might wonder? Here are six of my tried-and-true favorites:

  • Dove in White Benjamin Moore is a painter who specializes in
  • White on White Benjamin Moore is a painter who specializes in
  • White for decorators Benjamin Moore is a painter who specializes in
  • White as a sheet Sherwin-Williams is a paint company that
  • Alabaster Sherwin-Williams is a paint company that

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There are a few considerations to consider when deciding whether white is ideal for you:

Color of the existing walls

Hundreds of different white paints are available on the market. You can swatch ten different colors on the wall and they will all seem similar. So, how does one make a decision?

Today, I’ll show you the trim paint colors I use as a designer, as well as how to choose the best white paint color for you, as well as the best paint brush and tools.

White doors are easy to paint. Colors are the most difficult to work with, since they are very reflective and absorb colors from their surroundings. You must consider the color of your walls, floors, and ceilings, or it may take on strange undertones that we did not foresee and cannot control.

White painted trim appears blue in various lights, which I’ve seen several times. Alternatively, a creamy white that appeared beautiful and warm in the can becomes a dingy beige.

There are days when it is sunny and days when it is cloudy. Not to mention how the sun reflects differently in a same space at different times of the day. You’d have to spend hours upon hours swatching all.

Rather than searching through all of the paint decks in search of the right white, just to get even more perplexed, I’ve limited it down to six tried-and-true white paints that, in general, are the greatest color for your trim and baseboards.

One of these 6 white paints will almost certainly be the winner, regardless of the room, style, or project I’m working on.

That being said, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always

Here are a few more general painting guidelines that I try to adhere to:

Paint Color Ideas: Use the same color as your walls on your ceilings, but in a flat finish. Because your ceiling is on a different plane than your walls, it will take on a whole distinct appearance.

Paint your baseboards and casing the same color as your kitchen cabinets if you have white cabinets.

If you have a lot of millwork, painting the moulding, walls, and trim all the same color looks great.

This isn’t a requirement, but rather a set of guidelines.

Do you want to do your own painting?

For a smooth, professional finish, you’ll need this #1 paint brush. It’s the only thing I use!

Dove in White Benjamin Moore is a painter who lives in New York City. A color that is genuinely ubiquitous. It’s a white with a tint of cream and a smidgeon of gray, so it’s just a tad warm. It’s on display in Julie Blanner’s bathroom.

2. Pure White Benjamin Moore — It’s not a true white, but it appears bright and crisp in a home with lots of natural light. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a nearly pure white look and have a lot of natural light. Studio McGee painted kitchen cabinets and trim Simply White in the image below.

3. Decorator’s White (also known as “Decorator’s White”) Benjamin Moore — A slightly cool-toned white that works well in homes that don’t get a lot of natural light on a regular basis (most homes). It’s a lovely bright white that isn’t too bright and brightens up places with little natural light. Z Design at Home painted the kitchen cabinets and trim in Decorator’s White.

4. Snow White Sherwin Williams – A good clean white that isn’t too stark and doesn’t have harsh undertones. In that they both have a tint of gray, it’s extremely similar to Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s white. This is the trim color of my present home, and I adore it since it appears white and bright without being too chilly. Kylie M Interiors painted the kitchen cabinetry Pure White.

5. Sherwin Williams Alabaster — A creamier, warmer white that isn’t beige or peachy. If you don’t want a white but prefer a softer look with a neutral undertone, this is a fantastic option. In the photo below from The Harper House, the walls are painted Alabaster.

Extra White (#6) Sherwin Williams – This is the brightest, crispest white of them all. It doesn’t appear to be blue, but it will feel bright and possibly frigid in north-facing rooms. In this kitchen from Home Bunch, the walls are painted ultra white.

What is the best paint sheen?

Because the sheen of the paint determines its durability, semi-gloss is usually utilized for trim. However, in my own home, I chose satin because I dislike the flashy look and since it is easy to clean and has held up well. A satin finish hides defects far better than a semi-gloss, and it hides so much better for our trim, which was for an older property that needed nail holes filled.

Of course, my #1 favorite color is Pure White because that’s what I used in my own home, but it all depends on your own taste and the other colors in your space!

Sherwin Williams provides paint in quart sizes, and I always buy a quart to test the color before purchasing a gallon. You may also get paint samples on 8.5 x 11″ sheets that peel and attach to your wall. Isn’t that simple?

Must-Have Painting Equipment: In the two houses we’ve owned, we’ve painted every single wall, as well as all window and base trim, so I’ve found out the best paint tools that will not only give you a more professional finish, but will also save you HOURS. And it’s all about saving time when it comes to painting! It’s true that having the correct tools makes all the difference.

Paint Brushes – The best paint brush on the market and my #1 must-have. They hold a lot of paint, provide you the best edge when trimming, and save you a lot of time because they are so much easier to work with. When it comes to paint brushes, don’t skimp! I’m not going to use any other brush. It was well worth the $19 on Amazon.

Taping off using painter’s tape provides you a much cleaner line and saves you a lot of time.

Drop Cloths – This is obviously necessary to avoid making a mess on your floors. It’s easier to have a lot of tarps if you don’t have to move them all the time.

Cleaning Wire Brush – Using this wire brush to clean your brush after each usage is ESSENTIAL. You know how dried paint gets stuck on bristles and it’s tough to get it off? That’s exactly what this brush will accomplish! This wire brush will make your paint brushes endure for years if you invest a bit more on them.

Sanding Block – For a better paint adhesion, rough up your baseboard or trim before painting. I prefer blocks to sand paper because they are easy to use and keep track of.